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Jung and the Work with Dreams of the Personal Unconscious
We are a family owned and operated business.
Target Audience: Anyone interested in dreams
Location: Av. Rouxinol, 55 - São Paulo
Registration: Through the website, facebook page or phone.

• The objective of this workshop is to explore the technique of working on dreams

taught at Carl Gustav Jung Institute Zurich, empowering therapists to

working with customers' dreams, but also showing the relevance of

be in contact with your own dreams to anyone who is

interested in the subject.

• Carl Gustav Jung explains that dreams bring content from both the personal and the collective unconscious. As Jungian psychotherapists, we are very dedicated to the study of dreams that contain content from the collective unconscious, however, in daily clinical practice we are faced with a large number of dreams with common issues in our lives, even trivial or commonplace issues.

• Day-to-day dreams also bring important messages from the unconscious, but as they are commonplace or commonplace, they often do not receive the necessary attention, with this work all participants will be able to recognize the value that understanding these dreams can bring to our lives.

• The focus of this Workshop is imminently practical and will be developed as follows:

  1. Participants will receive the necessary information on technical and ethical issues

  2. Participants will be invited to share a dream, which must be short, recent and of which the dreamer has no idea of ​​its meaning.

  3. Nobody is obliged to present any dream if they do not feel comfortable, if many participants want to tell their dream, in the absence of a democratic choice, this will be done through a simple drawing.

  4. The group's goal is not therapeutic, but to learn to cope and understand the meaning of the dream.

  5. As we consider that dreams reveal intimate aspects of each person's life, all participants must submit to ethical secrecy, and none of the dreams or facts reported in the group can be reported to any person, under any allegation.

  6. As the group facilitator, I reserve the right and the responsibility to intervene at any time that is necessary, in order to maintain the physical, psychological and ethical integrity of all participants.

O Toureiro Alucinógeno (1968) - Salvador Dali

O Toureiro Alucinógeno (1968)  

Salvador Dali 

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