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Individual and Cultural Complex

Published in 2023

English version coming soon

About the book

The individuation process is one of the most important concepts in Jungian Analysis, but what does it mean to become who you are, amidst so many sociocultural interferences to which we are subject?

Individual freedoms and free will itself are subject to influences that are difficult to detect. We are the result of our education and cultural formation, at the same time that we try to be ourselves, in a dance orchestrated by music that is not always harmonious.

How important are cultural factors in the individuation process? To what extent is culture a facilitator or stress factor during the individuation process? Are we masters of our own castle, or pieces of a board game, of which we do not deeply understand the rules?

We are certainly as far from racial purity as we are from cultural purity. We are all cultural hybrids in an increasingly polarized world. Territorial borders are just as incapable of preventing the transit of individuals who want to migrate from one country to another, as borders and psychic defenses are incapable of protecting us from the sociocultural influences that make our souls mixed, long before the hybridity of our genetics.

Political and religious issues have always been extremely important factors in the formation of individual and cultural personalities. Today we know that they are also important in the formation of psychic defenses and their pathologies. Looking at an individual and gathering information about their family of origin has always been a routine practice in psychiatry and psychology, constituting a fundamental factor in anamnesis, but cultural issues have been added, becoming increasingly relevant, as they contextualize sociocultural origin of an individual becomes as fundamental as the ideological understanding of the original context of a political or psychotherapeutic practice.

It is not enough to analyze the life circumstances of a given individual without contextualizing their psychic origins, and how this can influence their social integration and adaptation, their creative capacity and resilience.


O Feminino e o Masculino

Capa do livro O Feminino e o Masculino

Published in 2021

About the book

The book The feminine and the masculine: through culture, religion, mythology and fairy tales brings a deep reflection on the roles played by men and women, taking the characters from myths, fairy tales and religions as if they were subjected patients to a detailed psychological analysis, analyzing both the individual aspects of each character and their meaning in our culture.

Myths and fairy tales, as well as religion, are fundamental for understanding the dynamics of human relationships and have been widely explored by Analytical Psychology. The book addresses cultural issues that influence our behavior and our free will, seeking a counterpoint between personal, political, religious and cultural responsibilities and their influence on human relationships.

Not every complaint that comes to the office can be characterized as neurosis, sometimes it is just an exaggerated adaptation to the society, culture or family in which we are inserted, and a brief reflection on a certain behavior can free us from a pattern followed unconsciously, perpetuated only by force of habit, a kind of “psychic inertia of movement”, borrowing a term from the Law of Physics.

However, we should not follow myths and fairy tales literally, but rather analyze the historical moment and cultural values of the time in which it was created in relation to the moment in which we live.

The rescue of the feminine brings benefits not only to women, as rescuing the feminine implies the rescue of the creative masculine, since both are injured by a negative patriarchal dynamism, which exacerbates negative aspects of the feminine as a justification for its means of repression and control. Affective relationships are contaminated by the desire for submission, control and power, both in straight and same-sex relationships, as toxic patriarchal dynamism is permeated in our culture in a much deeper and more disastrous way than we can imagine.

After all, what is love, what is it to love and be loved in a society where we lack awareness about the world in which we live?

English version coming soon

Capa do livro A Verdade

Truth in the analytical process

About the book 

Analyzing the role of truth, secrets and lies, as well as ethics in human relationships, cannot be postponed. The way we deal with truth in our private and public lifes affects our mental health, just as unjust governments affect our personal lives.
The rescue of the truth in our culture is not simple, and the news reports it daily. We must learn how to deal with the chaos of ethics, and the truth must regain its characteristic meaning as a structuring symbol, not only for the individual but also for all cultures. Therefore, the main purpose of this book is to discuss the truth as an important part of human communication, and to explore it as a symbol in Psychology, History, Philosophy, Religion, Science and also in Politics. 
The mythology is a way to discover the meanings of truth in the psychological process. The concept of Maat, the Egyptian goddess who embodies truth, justice, balance and morality, is reproduced throughout history by several cultures and religions. The principle of Maat must be rescued.

Published in 2019

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