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Welcome to the universe of Analytical Psychology with Solange Bertolotto Schneider!


In this space dedicated to self-knowledge and the journey of the psyche, I invite you to explore the paths of the mind and the unconscious in a profound and transformative way. Having lived and worked in several European countries, mainly Germany and Switzerland, I had the opportunity to delve deeper into issues relating to intercultural relations, both practically and theoretically. Dive into the depths of your own psyche and discover new perspectives for your personal development.


Carl Gustav Jung's Analytical Psychology is the basis of my work, here you will find theoretical articles in simple language and the symbolic analysis of films that will provide you with resources and reflections that will help you explore symbols, archetypes and the complexity of your inner world .


In addition to informative and inspiring content, I offer individual, couples and family therapy sessions, individual and small group supervision, as well as workshops for those who wish to delve deeper into self-knowledge and the journey of individuation. Get in touch to learn more about these services and schedule your consultation.


Welcome to this journey of discovery and inner transformation. My goal is to accompany you on this path of growth and self-knowledge.

Psychotherapist for teenagers, adults, couples and family. With over 40 years of experience. Jungian analyst accredited by Carl Gustav Jung Institute Zurich, Kusnacht. IAAP member.










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Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Letters Sao Marcos


Course: Psychology Sao Marcos, Clinical Psychology

CRP 06/16655

Carl Gustav Jung Institute Zurich, Küsnacht
Analytical Psychology





Private clinic
Psychotherapist and supervisor and coordinator of study groups.
Service for adults, couples, family and teenagers.
Experience in treating various causes of human suffering, such as anxiety, depression, sexuality, relationship crises, middle age, burnout syndrome, panic syndrome, vocational guidance.
Dream Interpretation, active imagination, sandplay and artistic expressions.
Experience with expatriates, crises of adaptation to new languages and cultures.
Adviser to CRP 06
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