The nine years I lived in Europe, studying, traveling, learning to live with other cultures and religions, experiencing the wonder of belonging to the human race, there is no doubt: we are one.

The concept of the collective unconscious and the archetype conceived by Dr. Carl Gustav Jung were lived with body and soul, and today I can consider myself a citizen of the world.

After this fantastic trajectory that life has given me, I am back to the wild Pauliceia, with all its complexity, fascinations and challenges.

I'm back in town and at work. There were nine years of travel, culture and studies, which did not end, they just changed and will continue to change.

It is with great pride that I return to my roots, in the certainty that this has always been and always will be my true vocation.

To those who participated and enriched my journey, my thanks. I will be delighted to meet and exchange experiences with my dear colleagues and friends, now that physical distance is no longer an obstacle to the loving embrace, so Brazilian ...